Friday, October 10, 2008

Right Back at You... Literally

We came home from the bookstore last night and lo and behold there on our front step was a Halloween basket. As we pulled in Morgan screamed "I got Boo'ed! I got Boo'ed". She knew right away it had to come from Keaghan or Madison since those are the two we Boo'ed. We brought the basket inside and she was thrilled to death at her find. Ahhh, to be four again and think it's an amazing coincident that your basket is just like the one you sent out, minus half of the stuff. Yep, the kept half of the treats (or put them in the second basket) and gave us back the other half. I guess they didn't know the basket came from us! Well, at least the Boo was passed on.

Since we started the whole thing, I now need to put together two more baskets and pass them on. Mark wanted to know why I didn't put Boo on our door to begin with, but I still wanted Morgan to have the fun of receiving. Two more baskets is well worth the price of her excitement.

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