Sunday, October 19, 2008

Introducing Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

Or should I say Re-introducing since this isn't completely new. It's just been a while.

Saturday night while patiently waiting for dinner (over an hour, but that's a whole other story), Morgan had a coloring book and a Tupperware container of crayons. She asked me, ever so politely if she could ask someone she doesn't know to color with her. After first making sure she was referring to another child and not some creepy guy, I told her that was a great idea. So she went, again, ever so politely up to this little girl and asked "would you like to color with me". When the little girl Mya shook her head yes, Morgan proceeded to ask her which page she would like from her book and torn it out for her. Soon, Mya was joined by her little sister and Morgan, without hesitation, torn yet another page out of her coloring book. The three girls shared crayons and colored nicely together until they moved on to a game of tag. (Don't freak out. We weren't letting them run wild in the restaurant. I guess I should mention we were waiting outside.)

So see, she can be sweet. She can be polite. She can share. Until... Sunday. When all this is replaced by a spoiled acting, sassy, disagreeable monster. I am seriously embarrassed to write down all her bad behaviour. To sum it up she was talking back, spitting, kicking and just plain out of control. Unfortunetely most of this happened at Grammie's house, where Mark and I had to, in the middle of dessert, haul out and take home a screaming four year old.

Anyone know an exorcist? I forgot to keep the number of our last one.


jamielblev said...

I'm sorry, but were you talking about MY child? Because that's exactly how my child is! It must be the age!

Simply AnonyMom said...

My adorable sweet EVIL 3 yr old was like that today. Sweet and lovin at Best Buy, the spawn of Satan at Target. Just one store away from eachother too.

I am very happy that she shared at the restaurant. How sweet!

I am sorry she freaked at Grandmas house, but at least it was family and not a paying restaurant, right?