Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monkeying Around

Morgan's pediatrician administers flu shots at weird hours, so instead of trying to fit it around my work schedule, I decided to take the whole day off. Morgan used to be great with shots, last year she didn't even make a peep when she got the flu shot. This year, because her four year shots (4 of them!) hurt so much, she was, shall I say, a little less cooperative this year. It took a while to settle her down enough to get the shot, and then she screamed like a banshee. After it was done I said "See, that wasn't so bad". I got back a very sassy "Yes it was!" I can see this is going to be a good time from now on.

After the shots, I let her pick something fun to do. Orginally, she wanted to go to the zoo, but it was too cool and cloud. Instead, we headed over to Monkey Bizness thinking it was going to be packed. Boy were we pleasantly surprised because it was empty. That's right, empty. For a half hour we were the only people there. Morgan thought that was the best!

I've discovered that my very impatient toddler has become an extremely persistent pre-schooler. The obstacle course wall has become run-down and the steps you use to get up it don't have as much substance to them then what they used to. Therefore, they were extremely difficult to climb up, even for me. She was struggling with it, but didn't want any help. As a matter of fact, she wanted me to wait on the other side. It was hilarious as I saw her head peak over the top, only to disappear as she tumbled down, then peak back up, then tumble down, over and over. But she didn't get frustrated and she didn't give up. Finally, a very triumphant Morgan climbed over the wall.

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