Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday, we went bowling with the Moore's. Morgan and Caleb are still very close. Whenever it was her turn, Caleb would go down on the lane and help her set up her ramp and would hand her her bowling ball. Such a little gentleman!

Sunday, we went to the circus with the Banaitis Family. Morgan's favorite part was the pre-show where you could go down on the floor and get close and personal with the performers. She really liked watching the elephant paint a picture. Her second favorite thing was (and I shudder here) the clowns. I have a huge fear/dislike for clowns, but she loved them. She was laughing out loud at their skits. At least Gigi will be happy!


Gigi said...

I can see it now - a joint clown performance - maybe for Mom's 50th birthday!!!

Gigi said...
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