Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Around the Rim - Day 4

Today we decided to complete the loop of Rim Drive, stopping at most of the overlooks. Before heading out we stopped at the Visitor's Center for some shopping and to view the short film on the park. We picked up the National Park Passport for Morgan. It's a small spiral notebook color-coded for specific regions in the country, including pre-visit information, illustrations and photographs. Each region includes area for you to collect rubber stamp cancellations at each National Park site you visit like the ones you receive in an international passport. Morgan thought it was neat to be able to stamp her pages and was excited to be getting another stamp at Oregon Caves later in our trip.

Behind the Visitor's Center is a short trail called the Lady of the Woods. Below is our own Ladies of the Woods as well as the real lady the trail is named after.

After fighting off the swarms of mosquitoes on this trail, we started our drive around the crater.

Wizard Island - a mini volcano inside the collapsed volcano.

The air is so clean that you can see for hundreds of miles

Left over snow from plowing the roads.

The Pumice Castle

On the trail leading to the Pinnacles

Back at Sun Notch Viewpoint

In the evening, my parents watched Morgan so we could attend the Ranger Program on the Pacific Crest Trail. It's a trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through Crater Lake and takes people around 6 months to walk. The ranger giving the speech was Don, our ranger from the boat ride. When he was 57 years old, he did the Appalachian Trail so he had lots of insight into what these type of trails entail. It was an extremely interesting presentation and I give huge kudos to anyone who is able to complete these type of trails. I still they must be a little off, but they definitely have my respect.

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