Sunday, July 12, 2009

Waterfalls Galore - Day 2

From Glide we drove along the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway to Crater Lake. There are seven waterfalls along this drive and we stopped at four of them.

Fall Creek Falls is a short one mile hike. It is a beautiful trail through a lush green forest. There is plenty to see and do along this trail: Jump from rock to rock in the creek...

... follow the trail that squeezes between two volcano made rocks...

...find trees that are as wide as you are....

... look through drainage holes on the path to see each other on each side....

...and at the end, you discover a gorgeous, cool waterfall.

The second waterfall that we wanted to visit was Toketee. This one is supposed to be the most beautiful one in the area. Unfortunately, the trail leading the falls was closed. It was a $1,000 fine for trespassing, so we decided to follow the rules and save this falls for another day.

Watson Falls was next on the drive. Morgan fell asleep right when we got here so we took turns hiking to the falls. This trail was pretty steep but you are rewarded with a view of Oregon's highest waterfall at the end.

It looks like all the spray from the waterfall makes a perfect living environment for a huge slug.

Whitehorse Falls was my least favorite falls. You had to battle hundreds of vicious mosquitoes for a look at a unimpressive puny waterfall.

The last waterfall was Clearwater Falls. This one is appropriately named since the pond above the falls is crystal clear and calm.

After viewing all the waterfalls, we finally made it to the end of our journey - Crater Lake. When we arrived it was cold. REAL cold! Scary cold! Oh no we have no winter jackets cold! We decided we would have to make a trip to the Gift Shop and buy some warmer jackets. Tomorrow we have the boat ride across Crater Lake. Let's hope the weather is better then.

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