Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a Swinging - Day 6

Out N About Treesort is such a great place! The Treeloon was really cool and Morgan loved that her bed was upstairs in the loft. While the windows have glass doors in them, there are no screens once you open them. Not a problem for us, but if you aren't an outdoors person, you may not like this.

Swimming hole from our window.

Side of the Treeloon.

Front of the Treeloon.

Looking out at the Treesort from below our treehouse.

In the morning, we were doing the zip-lines. Morgan only weighs 33 pounds and you had to be 40 pounds in order to fit safely in the harness so she hung out below the lines with two other boys. Our first line was called Chicken Little and it's a short line about five feet off the ground where you learn how to get on the line, where you place your hands and how you stop. After that it was on to the real course. After our second line, we ended up at the end of the field. I looked back to check on Morgan and her and the boys had put the disc seat on Chicken Little and were zip-lining that way.

I guess I didn't need to worry about her being bored. From there Mark and I walked up a short trail to the rest of the zip-line. We flew through the trees, landed on platforms and climbed from one level to the next until we were at the end.

After that, we collected Morgan and I decided to try the Tarzan Swing. If I knew beforehand what I was getting myself into, I might not have done it. They took the main rope and clipped it to my harness in the back. Then they handed me two rings attached to two ropes that go up into the tree, back down and clip to a golf cart. I held these rings while the golf cart drives forward, hoisting me into the tree by my arms. Once I'm up 50 feet, I let go of the rings, free fall until the rope attached to my harness catches up to me, at which point I swing. I'd like to know who first decided to try this!

We don't have any pictures of us on these things since we couldn't really bring a camera on the zip but here is someone else doing it so you can get an idea of what it looks like. I circle the guy in the tree so you can tell how high you get.

Click HERE for a great video of the swing. It's done by the owner of the place and you get a great view from all angles.

When not in use, the Tarzan Swing can be used as a regular swing. Morgan had a great time swinging higher and higher on this thing. And Mark also participated in the this milder version.

The rest of the day was spent exploring, feeding the horses, swimming in the freezing swimming hole, swinging from ropes and riding the Chicken Little disc. At night, there was a fire where the kids could roast marshmallows and continue to play while the parents visited.

Swinging on one of the rope swings.

Collecting bugs

Exploring a swing bridge in the trees.

The communal eating and fire pit area.

I thought the day might go by slow, but it went really fast and before we knew it, it was 10 pm. We were so busy while we were here, that Morgan never took a shower. It wouldn't really have mattered if she did because we kept wiping her off and an hour later she would be covered in dirt again. We started to call her Moonbeam.

I can't say enough good things about this place. It is such a unique and wonderful experience. The staff was helpful and friendly as were the other patrons we met. The breakfast buffet they provided was delicious with lots of choices. We also loved how green they were. Everything was either recycled or put in a compost bin. We absolutely enjoyed our time here and would love to come back some day.

Moonbeam is already asking when we get to go back.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! That place looks great! I will have to remember it to try and take the kids next summer. Maybe if I showed Grandma and Grandpa they would take the kids? They love places like that.