Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Morgan had her birthday party a couple weekends ago but she still had plenty of celebrations this week. On Saturday we went to Grammie's house.

Tuesday, her actual birthday, she opened the presents from us and Grandpa came over to celebrate. (And yes, that equal a total of three birthday cakes)

She's also developed quite the addiction. She obsession: stuffed animals. She received (by request) two Webkins (she already had three) and four plush Littlest Pet Shop. We went to the Disney store today and she wanted to use her birthday money guessed it... four stuffed animals. At least they were buy one get one free.

She already had so many stuffed animals that we had to buy a special shelf for them. I think her goal is to fill her room completed with these fuzzy friends. She's well on her way!

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