Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Splunking We Will Go - Day 5

Time to leave Crater Lake and head southwest to Cave Junction and see Oregon Caves National Monument. The drive through the entrance of this park is crazy. No trailers are allowed on the road because it is so curvy. By the time we got to the top, my stomach was not doing well at all.

In order to enter the cave tour, you need to be at least 42". I could have sworn Morgan was this tall, but when they went to measure her, she was an inch too short. The ticket lady said that she really should tell us no, but she would let Morgan complete a physical test by a ranger and let him decided. She had to walk up and down a special flight of stairs (steps were almost as tall as she was) while hanging on to a railing that was really wide apart. She passed with flying colors and got the go ahead to enter the cave. You could tell she was really proud.

I was a little worried about her being scared in the cave but she really enjoyed it and listened intensely to the ranger's speeches.

After the tour it was time for my parents and us to go our seperate ways. They stayed at the Lodge in the park, a really neat old building that has that campfire smell to it. Originally, they were supposed to stay at the Cave Junction Motel, but when we drove by it, it looked pretty scary. Luckily, there were still rooms available at the Lodge so they snagged one up. Meanwhile, we headed to Out 'N About Treesort.

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