Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Year Check-Up

It was weird having to schedule Morgan's doctor appointments around her school schedule. I wanted to make sure she got in for her yearly appointment before school started. I figured it probably wouldn't look good if I was pulling her out for a day within the first couple of weeks.

This appointment was a fun one. They tested her eye sight by having her tell them what shapes she saw on a chart and her hearing by having her say beep when she heard the beep. There was also a four page "test" of different physical and mental skills such as having her hop on one foot and tip top across the room. When it came to completely the following sentence, she had the doctor cracking up. "I am hungry so..." The normal answer is "I'm going to eat" or "I'm going to have a snack". Not my little girl. Her answer was "so I'm starving". She was also supposed to write her name on a piece of paper. I noticed that she was doing it funny and was wondering what was going on. When she was done, I saw that she had written it upside-down and backwards so that the person holding the paper could read it. More proof we are in trouble!

She is still our little peanut weighing in at 33.5 pounds (10%) and standing tall at 41" (24%). The doctor was impressed with how much muscle she has and called her a little lean, mean, muscle machine.


Staci said...

Glad the appointment went well! Sounds like you have a very bright little girl!

We have our 5 year checkup coming up soon, so hopefully it will go by easily too.

jamielblev said...

Upside down and backwards? Very impressive!!!