Saturday, July 18, 2009

The End of the Road - Day 7 and Day 8

We didn't take any pictures the last two days. Funny how we started out taking so many and then they trickled down at the end.

Spent our last leisure morning at Out N About. We were sad to leave here but are carrying wonderful memories. We needed to leave at 10:30 am in order to make it to Grant's Pass for our reservations on a Jetboat trip through Hellsgate. It was 104 degrees out and it was very hot waiting to board. We were far back in line so we had to wait for the other two boats to board and leave before our boat docked. These boats are supposed to get you drenched, so we were looking forward to getting splashed.

Our guide must have been new. He must not have been comfortable with the boats yet because we did not get as wet nor did we have as wild as a ride as the other two boats we were out with. When he did spin us in 360 - it was great. When he stomped on the brakes so water came over the windshield it was awesome. This just didn't happen very often. And we were hot! Even Morgan was mumbling "come on, come on, spin... spin". It was still fun, but I have to admit we were a bit jealous of the people on the other boats.

We climbed into our air conditioned car and prepared for the long drive back to Portland, where we would be staying at our only corporate hotel during the whole trip. While it was nice to patron mom-and-pa run places, I must admit, I was looking forward to a little more luxury.

The last day we were planning on driving to Gorge in the morning but we were beat and done with driving so we slept in as long as Morgan would let us, slowly packed, had a leisure breakfast and then stopped for some shopping at Ikea before hitting the airport.

I heart Ikea. The stores are like Disneyland. I wish there were Ikeas in Colorado but alas, there is not. I'm sure that monopoly-controlling Jake Jabbs as something to do with that! I could have easily stuffed my suitcase full of all the wonderful treasure I found but I controlled myself and only added one small item then it was off to the airport and home.

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