Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Aftermath

Morgan woke up today and the first thing she said was "That was so much fun". The second thing she said was, "Can I look at my presents". I don't think she fully got to appreciate her gifts yesterday amongst all the chaos. All the gifts had been put back in their gift bags yesterday, so she re-unwrapped everything one by one. She received so many wonderful things and she wanted to play with everything. First we needed to go to church. With all our camping and other activities, it had been a while. She was actually excited to leave her toys and go. When we got back her number one thing to do was use her "Make a Sundae" kit. It has four really cute bowl that look like cones and matching cone patterned spoons. She really like putting all the toppings on and making one for each of us.

After that we had to head outside to play with all the really neat bug stuff Uncle Matt got her. Between his stuff and Baba and Gigi's stuff, she was in heaven. We caught and examined a white spider, ants, some bugs I have no clue what they were, and big huge grasshoppers that have taken over the Lambs Ear. The grasshoppers were her favorite.

She also really enjoyed the singing birthday card from Uncle Matt (he did REAL good this year - just like all the other years!) I swear we heard that song a hundred times and she would laugh just as hard on the last time as the first.

She played and played all day with all the new stuff. It was a great way to decompress after yesterday.

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