Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life Style of the Rich and Famous

Our gym has yoga classes, but then it also offers the "elite" yoga classes. There is an area called the Life Studio that does more hands on yoga and pilates. It is all mahogany wood, with rice paper shades, candles around the room and a much more pleasant atmosphere than the sterile and sometimes smelly regular studios. For $15 you can join a class of about 10-15 people at the Life Studio and receive more individual direction.

Our gym was offering a free trial class so of course I was going to take advantage of that. When I showed up, I found out the regular teacher for that time slot had left the gym. Apparently he had a big following so most of the students left with him. The sub was a lady who normally teachers during the day. Because of these events I ended up being the only one there so I got a private lesson. It was INCREDIBLE and so much fun!!! She was able to get me correctly into all the poses and give me some good hints/pointers. I got one of the best yoga workouts I've ever had. As we are doing these poses one one one in this beautiful studio, I felt like a rich movie star with my own personal trainer. If I really was a rich movie star with my own personal trainer, I bet I could have the same body as them! Or at least close...

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