Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Morgan is supposed to transition into the Pre-Kindergarten class on Monday. To help the kids with the transition, they were in that classroom for a while on Wednesday. Apparently Ms. Theresa (the Pre-K teacher) told Mark that Morgan would be starting in their room now. When I went to drop her off, I found out that that was not true. She was supposed to be in her regular preschool class until Monday. The kids are only visiting the Pre-K for a few hours here and there, just to get them acclimated to the new class.

Morgan started to cry because she was really, really looking forward to moving up. Ms. Adrian (other Pre-K teacher) told her she could stay in her room if she wanted. So Morgan went up to Ms. Maria (Preschool teacher) and told her that Ms. Adrian said she could move up and she would be in the Pre-K class now. Then she marched down the hall to the Pre-K class, sat down with the other girls. As I left, I saw the older girls asking her something and Morgan replying with a big nod and a proud look on her face.

Mark got the evening report that she did a fine job and was keeping up with the kids that are about to enter Kindergarten in one week.

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