Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Count and Cook

Morgan has a new favorite game. She got it for her birthday and I think we have played it every day since. It's from Cranium and is called Count and Cook. There are food disks that you place on the playing board. You pick a recipe from the cookbook. Then you move your chef around the board. When you land on a food you need from the recipe you put it in the book. There are star disks that allow you to pick any food and put it in the recipe. She thinks this is just hilarious. She thought it was a hoot when Mark added tomatos to our chocolate chip cookies. It's a very simple game but she has such fun with it. Plus it helps them learn what kind of ingredients go into different foods. The expanded directions say that you can make up your own recipes too so it can grow with her.

I love the Cranium products!

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Heather said...

Oooh, good to know. I LOVE Cranium games for DS. His fave right now is Hullabaloo.