Monday, July 21, 2008

Watch Your Language

We consider ourselves to be pretty conservative parents. Morgan must wear her helmet even when she is just riding her tricycle, she doesn't watch much tv - maybe three hours a week, we don't let her see any thing that is too scary (definetely no spiderman, harry potter and such at this age for her), she has never had gum or soda, and we want the Bratz dolls to stay out of our house. So we were pretty surprised to learn that she is getting in trouble for her language with other parents and teachers.

Have you ever heard the response to "guess what?" as "chicken butt"? We have been answering Morgan with "chicken butt" forever. Well we found out Madison's parents don't want her to say that. How about "bootie" when referring to ones bottom? As in "shake your bootie". Another one parents and teachers don't appreciate. And the final one (that we know about) that Morgan is not supposed to use at school is "what the heck". Even though the way she says it is so cute and Mark and I have no problem with it, we've had to explain to her that she is not supposed to say those things at school or around friends.

I guess this is one issue where we give her more leeway than most!

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