Saturday, July 12, 2008

We Survived

Today was Morgan's birthday party and what a party it was. We ended up having 15 kids and I don't know how many adults ranging from family, friends and her old teacher Ms. Toyia. Morgan was so excited to share her gymnastic school with everyone. At first, Laura, who's in kindergarden announced that she was too old and would just watch. I think it only took her five minutes before she was joining right in. Even Hannah, the oldest wanted to to participate.

Klayton, Kaitlynn, Emma, Emily, Caleb, Connor, Kaylor, Laura, Hannah, Taralynn, Kaitlynn and Morgan (missing from pic: Madison, Emma and Gavin)

They started out on the floor doing streaches and warming up. The two coaches brought out a parachute and the kids bounced stuffed animals off it and hid under it. The coaches did a great job keeping everyone enaged and changing up the activities. They moved the kids from area to area - doing floor obstacles, then the uneven bars, then the rock wall and trampoline and then a giant slide. Even the adults were having a great time. It was cake time before we knew it.

Klayton, Morgan, Taralynn

Morgan had a Barbie cake. A real Barbie doll was put in the center and the cake was cut to look like her dress. Pretty cake to look at, but a real challenge to cut. Instead of cutting the cake, I ended up carving it like a turkey! The smart kids picked the cupcakes we had since they were ready faster than the cake.

Following cake it was present mayhem. I don't think mayhem even properly describes the situation. It was pure craziness. I alway debate on whether to open the presents at the party or not. The kids enjoy seeing what everyone got, but boy is it a headache. Kids were throwing presents at her, some trying to open their own, others grabbing at the things open, Morgan barely has time to look at a present and the next one is being thrusted at her. She held up quite well despite the circumstance and did a good job thanking everyone.

For party favors we handed out hula hoops. Those went over extremely well. I was like meat in a shark tank the way those kids swarmed for the hoops.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the party, Morgan was fast asleep. Too bad we couldn't too!

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