Sunday, August 3, 2008

Water World

With record days of 90 degree weather, we decided to spend the day in cool water so we headed to Water World. They offer a huge discount if you come after 2 pm, and since Morgan would only probably last a couple of hours, we decided to make it a late afternoon/early evening thing. Right after we paid for our ticket and we were in the first play pool it started to pour. Morgan was extremely patient and waited without a single complaint for a half hour until the rain stopped. At least the rain scared away a lot of people. We went on a couple of tube rides were the three of us could go together. They were pretty fast and the tubes rode up pretty high on the side, making us feel like the tube was going to tip over, but Morgan loved it. What Mark and I didn't love was having to carry the tubes up the side of the hills to get to the top of the rides. You would think they could get a conveyor belt or something! Morgan was so excited that she barely noticed she was climbing up steep hills over and over. She even attempted to "help" us carry the tube.

One of her favorite things wasn't even a water ride/feature - it was the gondola that ran from the top of the park to the bottom. We rode that thing six times!

Even though Morgan loves the tube rides, she still isn't the most comfortable playing in water. In the first play area, they had a bunch of toddler slides but she wanted nothing to do with them. At the end of the day, she wanted to go back to that area. She VERY hesitantly went down one of them after tons of coaxing. Then it all clicked for her and off she was running from slide to slide going down each over and over. She even went on ones that had water spraying over them. She HATES water spraying at her.

At the end of the day she was shivering like crazy. I told her she was so cold and she said, "but I still had lots of fun!"

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