Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cheyenne Update or Why I Hate Banfield

Don't ever go to Banfield Vet. Seriously. NEVER. I'll try and give the condensed version.

We've been taking Cheyenne, our 14 year American Eskimo dog there for a while. They have been fine for the basic stuff, but now that she is getting older and having issues, Banfield is HORRIBLE!! It started back in April. She was limping on her back leg and it was getting worse. They took x-rays and said it was severe arthritis - the ball of her bone has rubbed down and is flat. They referred us to a specialist. Specialist couldn't figure out what Banfield was talking about. Bone looked completely normal. They thought the problem was in the meat of her leg. We were going to wait and see how she does, and bring her back in a month. When it came time to bring her back, the specialist was gone from the clinic. Chey was doing better, so we left it at that.

Fast forward to yesterday. Chey has been biting at her leg to the point there is a sore. Also, her leg has gotten much worse. Not knowing where else to go, and since Banfield knew about her history, made the poor choice of going back. They wouldn't even look at her back leg or discuss the specialist diagnose that it was not arthritis. They were 100% focused on the fact that her teeth needed cleaning. Ummmm... hello! That's not the main problem here. The took a quick look at her sore and said it needed to be removed with surgery. Tried to pressure us into a $660-820 procedure. Looked at me like I was scum of the Earth when I told them no.

Thank goodness Sara gave me the name of her vet. I went this morning and LOVE him!! His recommendation for the sore - put some cream on it, keep Chey from licking it and and see how it does. At Chey's age, putting her under for surgery can be dangerous. He couldn't believe it was Banfield's first/only option. Told us that although her teeth could use a cleaning, it's the least of his worries right now. More concerned about the back leg (thank goodness!). He did some tests on it and validated my concerns. It appears that Chey's body is no longer recognizing her back leg. Referred us to a specialist to see if the problem is pain or neurological. At least we have some better direction and new hope.

And we don't have to pay an exorbent amount of money for something that wasn't even going to fixing the main problem. Stupid Banfield.

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