Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Word About Status Reports

One of the main reasons work has become so awful is our new inforced daily status report. At noon each day we are supposed to send a report to upper management outlining: Planned accomplishments - what do you plan to complete in the next 24 hours giving very very specific details. Accomplishments - what did you complete in the past 24 hours giving specific details. If you didn't complete something you had in your previous planned accomplishment list you need to justify why it wasn't finished, what percentage of it is finished and a plan for how you expect to get it finished.

We are system engineers. It's not like we have work that can be or should be bean counted. Now I am in no way saying that I nor anone in my group does the following, but merely reporting what I see as a possible fall out from this micro-management. It may just be possible that this daily status could cause otherwise very productive people to be even less productive. People might not want to over produce one day and not have as much to report the next. They might want to start dragging out their work so they have a list in their pocket for the next day. Instead of centering their work day around, well, work, they will start centering their day around what would look the best on my report. Not to mention the amount of time it might take to fill out such a report.

Again, not saying this is occuring within my group. I'm merely thinking out loud.

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matthew j said...

Tell Morgan we have a open hot-dog stand. Much less stress for mommy