Monday, August 18, 2008

Sad and Angry Day

I was so exited that Morgan was moving into the Pre-K room. 90% of my exitement stemmed from the fact that one of our favorite teachers, Ms. Adrienne was in this class. When I dropped Morgan off this morning, Ms. Adrienne pulled me to the side to let me know today was her last day. She took a new position with a new school. When she gave her notice, they immediately let her go. I've never been very happy with this school but due to our home and work locations our choices are limited to say the least. I was absolutely appalled to find out that Ms. Adrienne, who's been with the school for over five years and is a head teacher gets paid a measely $8/hour with no vacation or sick time. I am outraged. This is another reason why I really really really want to have Morgan in a different school!

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