Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain Rain Going Away

We've been having record high temperatures and absolutely no rain until Friday, the day we were supposed to go camping down in Colorado Springs for our mini-vacation. We were going to do the whole tourist thing: Pikes Peak, The North Pole, Seven Falls, Manitou Springs. It's Colorado and it never rains for a full day, let alone two in a row so surely we would still be able to go up Saturday morning and have two good days. I guess you should never say never because sure enough, it has been raining with a high of 58 today as well. We nixed our whole weekend plans.

Morgan wasn't too disappointed because one of her good friends Ellie was having a birthday party. I called up her mom to see if we wouldn't be imposing if we came. Ellie was very excited that Morgan would make it after all. The party was a dress up tea party so Morgan wore her tinkerbell outfit. The girls drank lemonaide "tea" and had strawberries, cookies, crackers and sandwiches cut in the shape of butterflies. It was a 100% girly-girl party so of course Morgan loved it.

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