Friday, August 22, 2008

Four Year Checkup

Yes. I'm a little late on this. I remembered to make the appointment at the end of June, but they didn't have anything available until now. Better late then never.

Morgan measured in at a whooping 30 pounds and 28 3/4 inches. She is right on track on her growth chart, staying in the 10 and 20%. I had a couple of concerns that the doctor addressed:

1) She runs with her knees locked and throws her legs out and around. Doctor had her run up and down the hall so he could see it in action. She loved this part. He said that this is because of her hip width. There is no problem with it - it's just how she is. It can be minimized by strengthing her inner thighs through lots of swimming and biking.

2) Her recent sleep issues. We put her down consistently at 8 pm. She stays in her room playing quietly arranging, re-arranging her stuffed animals until 9 sometimes 10 pm. She doesn't sleep in and only gets about 9 hours of sleep. He said that she could be going through a growth spurt. During growth spurts kids don't produce as much seretonine. As long as she isn't coming out of her room constently, she is fine. We aren't supposed to keep her up later. Within time she should start falling asleep at her normal time.

3) The last couple of months she's been complaining that her stomach hurts. In the past couple of weeks she's been throwing up a little bit in her mouth. She had reflux as a baby. The doctor is concerned that the reflux has come back. He gave us a prescription that should help the problem. If it doesn't, we need to contact him again. If it does, then we need to keep her on the meds for a while.

She also had to get four shots today. We talked about the shots before the appointment so she was prepared. She hopped right up on the table and laided very still. She was so brave. She wanted to watch them put in the shots and she didn't cry or whimper at all. The fourth shot was a bad one, but all she did is suck in some air. She's one tough girl.

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